Five Tips for Electric Scooter Safety from Crazy ScooterZ

While we love selling and riding our scooters we would very much like our customers to stay safe while enjoying them! We asked our team for their best safety tips and here they are:
Scooters are an incredibly affordable and convenient transport option for getting around the city while avoiding all the traffic, but precautions do need to be taken so you can get to your destination in one piece. Here are few tips on electric scooter safety to keep yourself and those around you out of harm’s way.
  1. Protective Gear
Electric powered scooters can get up to quite a speed. Accidents can and do happen, so a good quality helmet is a must. High visibility jackets will make you stand out on the road, and your fellow travelers will be more aware of your presence.
If you want to make it through a tumble with as little damage as possible, then knee, elbow pads, and sturdy gloves are a good idea as well. Some scooter riders even go so far as to wear a mouth-guard as an extra precaution.
  1. Keep Your Eye on the Road
Most scooter accidents are caused by an inattentive rider failing to notice a sudden change in road conditions. A pothole which would be just a small bump in a car can send you flying while you are on a scooter. Slippery wet patches will also send you skidding out of control when taking a turn.
Always keep your eyes on your direction of travel and a few meters ahead of you. Keep your eye out for any obstacles or changed conditions that may be a hazard, and slow down when going around corners.
  1. Know Your Scooter
Before you head out onto a crowded road, practice riding your scooter in a quiet area first.
Scooters are straightforward devices to operate, but each model will have traits you will need to be comfortable with when travelling at higher speeds. You should know everything about your scooter before you use it to head across town, but it’s imperative you understand the different braking distances at various speeds.
  1. Solo Riding
Never ride a scooter while another person is hitching a ride., especially in public places. Your electric scooter is designed for a single person. Carrying another body changes the dynamics of handling and is likely to cause an accident or damage your scooter.
  1. Electric Scooters are Not Toys
Electric scooters are powerful motorized devices and should be treated with respect, like motorbikes.  Improperly riding them can cause serious harm to both the rider and other travelers or pedestrians.
If you have children interested in riding an electric scooter, then a smaller model designed for kids would be more appropriate (and don’t forget the safety gear).
When taking the proper precautions, wearing the correct safety gear, and paying attention to the road conditions, scooters are a fun and safe means of travel.